Exploring Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the most dynamic cities in the European Union, acting as a magnet for many international companies, institutions, and executive from all corners of the world.

We at JF ELITE RELOCATION understand that relocation is not just a move, it’s an adventure.  The time has come to relax, enjoy and explore.  We will provide an abundance of helpful advice to make your stay in Hamburg comfortable, pleasant, and interesting.

Impressions, useful information and relevant addresses:

Dict.cc Wörterbuch

Dict.cc Wörterbuch

Botschaften D/A/CH

Botschaften D/A/CH

Feiertage und Schulferien

Feiertage und Schulferien

Währungsrechner - Finanzen100

Währungsrechner - Finanzen100

Important Phone Numbers in Germany
  • Call 110 for POLICE
  • Call 116 117 for EMERGENCY DOCTOR
  • Call 0551 19240 for EMERGENCY POISON HELP LINE
  • Call 116 116 for LOST BANK CARDS
  • Call 01802 222 222 for “ADAC” ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE
Sights of Hamburg

Planten & Bloomen Park

Alster Park


Harbour District with Highlights

Speicherstadt – warehouse district

Cruise Terminal


Fischmarket (every Sunday early in the morning)

Sightseeing – History and Cultural Highlights

Kunsthalle – Art Museum

Impressive Neo Renaissance City Hall (Rathaus)

Michaelis Kirche “Michel”

Music – Orchestra – Opera - Entertainment

Laeiszhalle - famous for classical music

Hamburg Staatsopera – opera and ballet

Schauspielhaus – theatre

Pauli Theatre – comedy, music shows, theatre

Famous Musicals in Hamburg

Disney, The Lion King


Hamburg Specific Food & Beverages

This sweet regional pastry specialty is made from bread dough filled with a mix of caramelized cinnamon and sugar. The name is derived from the French croissant and the German word for bread roll, “Brötchen.”

(also spelled Lapskaus) is a culinary specialty from Northern Germany. The main ingredients are salted meat or corned beef, potatoes, and onion. Some - non-traditional - recipes put beetroot, pickled gherkin, or even herring into it. It Sounds strange but tastes good!

A drink made by mixing lemonade and beer. No water from the Alster is really used in its creation and most of Germany refers to the drink as “Radler.”

Hamburg Specific Language and Characteristics
Guten Morgen, Tag, Abend: Moin Moin! (Used at any time, a typical greeting in HH)
Ja/ Nein: Yes / No
Bitte / Danke:             Please / Thank you
Ich verstehe Sie nicht: I don’t understand
Bitte, wo ist …    Excuse me, where´s …
Wo ist der Hafen: Where is the harbor?
Ich suche … I am looking for …
Ich habe mich verlaufen: I am lost!
Vielen Dank: Thank you very much!
Tschüss: Goodbye


“Hummel, Hummel” - “Mors, Mors”
This Hamburg greeting is often used as a synonym for Hamburg or it’s citizens. It refers to a traditional Hamburg story: In the 19th century, saucy children often greeted a water carrier, Johann Wilhelm Bentz, with the nickname, “Hans Hummel.” Since he was carrying a heavy load he couldn’t catch the rascals so he simply replied, “mors, mors,” which is a Plattdeutsch abbreviation for “Klei mi am Mors,” which means scratch my butt.

Weather in Hamburg
Northern Germany has a continental climate which means the winters are cold and the summers are warm. Visitors from abroad should carry appropriate clothing for the season. A rainy day is called “Schmuddelwetter”.



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