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Expat Experts

„We´re local and we want expats to feel that way too“, says Jutta Freirik, Managing Director of Elite Relocation & Expat Concierge Services. It is always a challenge for new employees to adapt to a new working environment. And also at the same time, each employee must adjust to new living and social conditions here in Hamburg. Elite Relocation & Expat Concierge Services eases this transition fort he new employees and their families. Reducing relocation problems always increase job motivation and more positive and focused attitude toward their professional work without external distractions. The relocation agency, which has recently moved to HafenCity, offers individualized service for every new employee and each company´s specific needs. Jutta Freirik points out: „We organize all oft he time comsuming work of finding a new home or apartment and the difficulties of relocation to a new city. During personal conversations with each employee and their family, we discuss individual needs. Our team also provides additional services such as translations, visa assistance and introduction to local accounting firms, attorneys, banking and financial services. On the personal and family side, we can also arrange ticket bookings, flights, hotels, local restaurants and event planning as well as recreation. We offer tailored packages suited to your personal needs which will help you and your family feel home in Hamburg.

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